Thursday, May 15, 2008

Victoria Day Weekend Canadian Music Showdown

With the arrival of the first long weekend of the summer, I would be remiss if I didn't have my loyal dotcomrades ponder the age old question: what is the quintessential Canadian long weekend soundtrack?

I have the following to submit:

To quote some random kid sitting on my buddy Drummond's dock one warm summer night many years ago: "How about a little Rodeo?"

"Those patio lanterns, they were the stars in the sky..."

The most important musician to ever come out of this great country.

"Blue, blue windows behind the stars
Yellow moon on the rise..."

The things in this world that are more Canadian than The Tragically Hip can be counted on one hand. They include:

1) Beaver Pelts
2) Milk bags
3) John A McDonald (before he played shortstop for the Toronto Blue Jays)
4) Sher-Wood hockey sticks
5) Maple Syrup

"She said you're gonna miss me
Wait and you'll see..."

Happy May Two-Four, eh!


Anonymous said...

What do you have in the car?

I don't know. A little Hip. Little Rodeo. Davie Wilcox. You know.


Anonymous said...

Neil Young = butter oozing through the soul.


Anonymous said...

"Butter oozing through the soul"

- One of the most evocative metaphors I've ever heard, and perhaps the most accurate and poetic description of Neil Young's genius.

Tip of the cap to the anonymous bard that crafted that phrase.