Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lucky Touch

How is it possible that this rendition of "Better Days" hasn't surfaced until just now? This is an absolutely killer version of this great track, recorded in Stockholm, Sweden in May of 1993. This is an underrated tune from an underrated album... Which reminds me...

The Human Touch/Lucky Town, non-E Street era in Springsteenology tends to take a lot of flack. And I get it: this isn't the E Street Band. It's just not the same.

But that's not to say that there isn't some great stuff from those two albums (of course, that isn't to say that there is some downright terrible stuff on those albums as well {cowering from impending lightning bolt}... Because let's be honest: Pony Boy? Really? Not The Boss's finest moment).

But not surprisingly, like all great works, the Human Touch/Lucky Town albums have aged beautifully. In fact, you could argue that they sound better today than ever before. My only wish was that Bruce hadn't watered some of those great tracks down by combining them with obviously inferior efforts. In fact, had he put his mind to it, he could have released one absolutely killer record.

And not that I would ever second guess The Boss, but I've taken the liberty of recreating that album for you here. It is titled (obviously) Lucky Touch.


1 - Better Days
2 - Lucky Town
3 - Man's Job
4 - Leap of Faith
5 - Roll of The Dice
6 - The Big Muddy
7 - Living Proof
8 - Human Touch
9 - Book of Dreams
10 - Red Headed Woman (didn't actually appear on either album but clearly should have)
11 - My Beautiful Reward
12 - I Wish I Were Blind
13 - With Every Wish
14 - If I Should Fall Behind

Editor's Note:

This scenario only works on the provision that all omitted songs are released as a 5th disc on the Tracks release in 1998. Obviously, I'm not lobbying for less Springsteen music... Just better decisions where forcing material into the marketplace is concerned (see: 2/3rds of Working On A Dream)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Will Hoge

John Landau once famously wrote: "I have seen Rock and Roll's future... And it's name is Bruce Springsteen" (you can read part of that review HERE)

And of course, to paraphrase that brilliant Landau quote would be to drastically overstate it; and by no means would I ever go so far as to declare Will Hoge the next Bruce Springsteen... but you can't help but see glimpses of an early, inspired Springsteen in this guy. Just fantastic stuff.

Check you his MySpace page HERE.

Thanks to Lisa McCallum for the tip.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Gobble! Gobble!

(Yes, I know this blog has sucked for the past few months... Excuses and explanations to follow)