Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bismarck, North Dakota

A professional basketball team in North Dakota? Who knew?

I love the MTV Cribs scene with the home entertainment center that looks strikingly similar to my alarm clock. Also, is Rod Benson the only professional basketball player to drive around in an '86 Chevy G20? We had a name for vans like that when I worked for the Town of Oakville, but it would be in bad taste to put that particular name in writing.

Anyway, I hope the Raps can lock up Rod, a 6'10 forward who would be good coming off the bench to spell Andrea, and who would be a valuable addition to the Toronto blogging community.


Anonymous said...

I have an elderly friend who is a big North Dakota Wizards fan. She keeps a Wizards's scrapbook every year and she hardly ever misses a game. Recently one of the players who is leaving this year gave her one of the awards he won as a way for her to remember him.

Sean McCallum said...

I love it. Rest assured, if I ever find myself in North Dakota, I will be taking in a Wizards game, hitting up the blackjack tables at the local bars, and then topping it all off with a midnight mission to Walmart.