Sunday, January 18, 2009

Springsteen Tour de Force Performance Showdown

January is shaping up to be a pretty big month for Springsteen fans the world over. His brilliant song, "The Wrestler", brought home the Golden Globe Award for Best Song last weekend. The man kicked off the "We Are One" Obama inaugural celebration with a performance on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. His 16th studio album, "Working On A Dream", will be released January 27th. And the month will come to an end with everything culminating on February 1st, when Bruce and the E Street Band will play the halftime show at Superbowl 43 in Tampa, FL.

To help celebrate what might go down as the biggest month in the history of E Street, we here at will be paying tribute to the man and the band with periodic samplings of some of his finest moments.

She's The One - Hammersmith Odeon, London, England - November 18, 1975

Prove It All Night - Passaic, NJ - September 19, 1978

If I Should Fall Behind - The Point, Dublin, Ireland - November, 2006

Born To Run - Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena - April 27, 1988

Choosing one of these over any of the others would be like asking a mother to choose one of her children over the others. An impossible task. Call it a four-way-tie.


Anonymous said...

I think his opening of the We Are One concert with The Rising should be up in that list. It was a great performance, even if you exclude the significance of the event. What a great way to kick off the concert.

I think you can see it on hbo's website (

Anonymous said...

Sean here it is for you. Nates Top 3 All Time Springsteen Songs.

1) Atlantic City (love the story in this. Always upset when he dosent play it at shows I go to.)

2)Shes The One( Love this song! Going to make sure its played at my wedding. I can see everyone up and dancing. Plus it reminds me of Jenny

3)If I Should Fall Behind( I get goose bumps when I hear this song. The version on his Live in New York City album is the best. I think of our friend group when I hear this song, and what it would be like if we lost someone special.