Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Year in Band Names

Every year, The A.V. Club compiles a list of the best and worst band names it has come acorss over the course of the past 365 days. Needless to say, it is essential reading.

You can catch 2008: The Year in Band Names HERE (note: it is 6 webpages long)

(The 2007 List can be found HERE)

And despite the fact that Buster Hymen and the Penetrators were inexplicably ommitted, this directory of epithets is inarguably a tour de force. It runs the gamut from seriously disturbing (just about everything in the Metal or Metal-Sounding category), to wonderfully witty ("Barry Whitesnake"), and downright bizzare ("Midnight Spaghetti and the Chocolate G-String"), all in the name of a name, with the hopes that a moniker alone is enough to lure you into the club (are you telling me you wouldn't pay money to see a band called: "Yes! Yes! Take Off Your Dress!"?)

Some of our favourites here at include the following:

Fatal Kitten Rampage
Fuck... I'm Dead
One Whore's Town
Sega Genocide
Coup de Ska
Justice of the Unicorns
Menstrual Tramps
Yuzo Nieto & The Hand That Rocks The Dradle
The Self-Congratulatory One-Man Reach-Around
Carlos I'm Pregnant
Piss Pissedofferson
The Unnecessary Gun Point Lecture


Maybe the best band bio ever, courtesy of Jesus Causes Cancer:

"Jesus Causes Cancer! With that said, come and see a show. Do a beer bong. Fight the band. Buy us vodka. Boo and heckle us! Bring a Jew!"

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