Friday, June 27, 2008

Will Leitch

(The above is a spoof on the Costas Now piece about the life and work of Will Leitch.)

For those of you who follow the sports blogging circuit, today marks the end of a long and glorious run for one of the blogosphere's founding fathers, Will Leitch.

Leitch founded Deadspin back in September of 2005, a sports blog and website that paved the way for so many others in its image (Barstool Sports, Kissing Suzy Kolber, With Leather, Awful Announcing...). He is selling out in a way that all bloggers secretly and not-so-secretly hope to one day do, leaving behind his fantastic web-based forum for a position with a more established publication: New York Magazine.

One of the best things Leitch has ever written was about his experience on the gameshow "Win Ben Stein's Money". He appeared on the show only hours after being dumped by his then-fiance, and he wrote about it for The Black Table. The video evidence can be seen HERE.

For the rest of the Deadspin Roast (fittingly titled: "Will Leitch Sucks"), click HERE.


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