Friday, April 18, 2008

Which Would You Rather?

My girlfriend likes to play the 'Which would you rather?' game with me.

As in: "Which would you rather: give up writing your blog, or give up sleeping with your girlfriend?"

Which got me to thinking. Which would you rather: be Antawn Jamison the night of April 14th, or be the guy who decides to turn the urinal trough in the bleacher section at Wrigley into his own personal Slip'n'Slide?

(Danny Granger scored a direct hit on Antawn Jamison's testicles last night, and the resulting nut shot isn't half as entertaining as the announcers' reactions, which include laughter followed by "That's not a laughing matter, actually," a perfectly in-unison "OOOOOHHH!" and the shattering insight of "That was a BULLS-EYE!" - WithLeather)

As a side note, we're holding my buddy Foley's stag in that same bleacher section at Wrigley in July, and if you think we're not getting him drunk enough to re-enact this little bathroom plunge, you are sadly mistaken.

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