Friday, April 4, 2008

The Ladies Man

If anyone is in Toronto this weekend and happens to walk past an Eye Magazine box, do yourself a favour and check out the cover. That has to be the best picture of a greasy D-bag I've ever seen. Too funny.

Anyway, if you want to know what it's like to associate with the guys who attend seminars like the one Tom Cruise hosts in Magnolia, feel free to read Portrait of a Pickup Artist in this Week's Eye.

Apparently, respect for women isn't exactly part of the pickup artist's repertoire.

My favourite part of the article is when the "artist" claims to have been a doctor at one point (he says he had to give up his licence after pleading guilty to charges of sexual impropriety during house calls), and follows that up by saying: "for me it was easy to hit on chicks that were patients". Chicks who were patients? My guess is that this guy knows my garbage man, because my garbage man gave up his job in aeronautical engineering to work the truck... allegedly.

(If you think that linking to this article was a thinly veiled excuse to post that clip of Leon Phelps reciting his poetic mastery, you're not far off)

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