Saturday, April 12, 2008

News Reporter Mishaps

You'd be hard pressed to find any warm-blooded person who doesn't enjoy a good ol' fashioned news reporter mishap. This is a compilation of some of the best. Some are downright hilarious (Dr. D bitch slapping the reporter to show him how "fake" professional wrestling is; the man-eating lizard; pretty much anything involving snow...), while others are the exact opposite of funny (the girl catching fire when the motocross guy explodes out of the truck; the guy who gets hit by the wing of the airplane...).

But each and every one of them have one thing in common: dedication to their profession, as each is willing to risk life, limb, and dignity, all in the name of bringing us the "news".

Here are some of the other favourites here at

(That clip of the lightning lady kills me everytime. When you think about what someone would sound like after getting struck by lightning, that's pretty much it, bang on.)

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