Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The City All-Stars

In a shocking development in the TCSSC Intermediate Co-ed Basketball League, The City All-Stars pulled off a stunning upset to notch their first win of the year, improving their record to 1-3, and raising the bar for future teams to come by extending the fledgling team's unbeaten streak to 1. Throw in the 1-point loss from a week ago on a controversial last second bucket (a moral victory, if nothing else), and The City All-Stars appear to be peaking at just the right time.

Making tonight's win even more improbable was the fact that it came without the team's Captain, G.M., and inspirational leader Rosco (often referred to as the Red Auerbach of the Toronto Central Sport & Social Club, but lovingly embraced as the Hebrew Havlicek of the City All-Stars). We were also without the team's only player who has played basketball beyond the High School level, the inimitable Miss K.J. Robinson (yeah, that's right: our best player is a girl). Both super stars are currently in the running for Ewing Theory status.

In celebration of The City All-Stars' first win, here is a clip of the basketball team we most closely resemble:

(This preview is chock-full of expletives, so proceed with caution)

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Anonymous said...

I think Jackie Moon owes us trademark rights for using the typical language of the Meet Freeze crew....