Monday, February 23, 2009

2009 Oscars Obscure Pop Culture Reference Showdown

Will Smith - "Boom Goes The Dynamite"


Robert De Niro - "Jeff Spicoli"

Is this just another excuse to show the "Boom Goes the Dynamite" clip? Absolutely. But I'm telling you, that cover-up by Will Smith was brilliant. From this day forward, whenever I'm asked to make a wedding speech and I begin fumbling (read: slurring) my words, there's no doubt I'll be pulling out the "Dynamite" reference to smooth things over. Because really, it will be a marked improvement over my customary: "I'm sorry... I'm drunk... And the only single bridesmaid just told me to go die in a fire..."

Also, I think it's fantastic that Jeff Spicoli has finally come around to accepting people of all orientations. Equal rights for everyone... It's never too late to see the light.


Anonymous said...

love it, but you didn't mean my wedding did you?


Anonymous said...

Nathan and Jen's wedding...Yes please!

Sean McCallum said...

Ummmm... I guess that will depend on which Bridesmaid(s) tells me to go die in a fire. But the smart money is definitely on the Hutchinson-Corbett matrimonial festivities... Although it could just as easily happen this weekend, now that I think of it.