Saturday, March 15, 2008

St. Patty's Day Preview

The following email came from an unnamed source, but needless to say, I will be doing everything in my power to be in the general vicinity of the Supa Pilot at this point next year. I don't even know what a knee drop is but Supa, you can sign me up. You had me at "this Sunday is more important to me than the potential birth of my child".

The closing line of that email might possibly be the greatest thing I have ever read.


As Porter and Darci will further validate; this Sunday is more important to me than such days as Derby Day, New Years, Fourth of July, my future wedding, potential birth of my child, college graduation, Super Bowl XXXIX, Kevin Garnett trade, Zidane Head Butt, US 1-Columbia 0, George Mason Final Four, sink night, and the loss of my virginity; just to name a few.

To be brief, the Southie Parade along Broadway Street is littered with parties, tons of green beer, organized chaos, roof deck parties, pong, babes, and anything a sweet a dude like me wants on a frieken Sunday, essentially just being Supa. Please note that Saturday St. Pats rage doesn’t compare to the main event on Sunday; it is simply a warm up.

I hope you gents are around, please join me on this adventure, it wont disappoint- I have like 6 parties lined up, yep, I am that sweet. Porter has a full lime green suit and is bringing passion back on his Red Eye from Vegas just so he could be Supa. I plan to meet a bunch of people at high noon Sunday at the Mariott Longwharf where we will grab a cab to get us as close to the parade that starts at 1pm. Maybe stop by the Sailoft if open and say hi to Dennis. Call me if you would like to be a Supa dude- 603 860 ####, I would suggest just bringing a backpack with cold beers etc for spontaneous knee drops. If you have a big Monday work day, no worries, I haven’t ever stayed out(made it) past 5pm, sheer day rage.

Babes are allowed, but last year someone threw up on my girl at Shenanigan’s Pub and she dumped me, but it was Supa.

-Supa Pilot

For more information on the South Boston Parade (but really, what more do you need?), click here.

If by any chance you're looking for me Monday afternoon, I'll be conducting impromptu Sustainable Roofing seminars at The Pour House (Bathurst and Dupont) from about 2pm onwards.

Bonus Coverage: The best known documentation of the Southie St. Patty's Day parade.

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