Monday, October 22, 2007


So my girlfriend came home with season 2 of Weeds this weekend. I have to tell you, I absolutely love this show. It took me awhile to get into it (the premise of an affluent white single mom selling pot in suburbia seemed a little far fetched at first), but now I'm completely hooked.

And the reason I'm completely hooked? Kevin Nealon.

Not since anchoring Weekend Update has he been so on top of his game. I can't imagine anyone better for the role of the pot smoking accountant, and his campaign to win his rightful post as Councilman Doug against the uber-bitch Celia in season 2 is comedy of the highest form:

Doug - "Ugh... Who let in Cancer Cunt?"
Celia - "It's 'Cancer Tits', Doug... No wonder your wife prefers to fuck a pole."
Doug - "My wife is fucking a Polish guy?"
Nancy - "I think she's talking about Dana's stripper class, Doug"
Doug - "Oh...oh... like, the actual pole oh, I get it now... That's funny. But seriously, I hate you and hope you get hit by a truck."

He is the man every guy wants to be. Throw in Uncle Andy, the ultra-cool burnout live-in slacker trying to wiggle his way out of having to serve in Iraq while acting as the worst possible role model for his two young nephews (resulting in one of the all-time monologues regarding masturbation and a trip to the rub-and-tug for the 12 year old Shane), and you have a fantastic little show. They even throw in some gratuitous nudity and a cameo by Snoop Dogg, to say nothing of the fact that Michelle Tanner co-stars in Season 3.

If you have the chance, pick up a half ounce of the good stuff to go along with seasons one and two on DVD, and have yourself a giggling green weekend.

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