Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Lateral as Literal Art Form

I have no idea how the guy in the booth was able to keep up with every name on this play, but any sense of professionalism was certainly annihilated when his colour guy started screaming "GO! GO!!! RUN!!!" Nothing beats high-school-communications-class-caliber impartiality in the broadcast booth.

For my money, this beats The Play (U. Cal Berkley using a piddly assortment of only 5 laterals before drilling the trombone player en route to the endzone) because they used exactly three times as many laterals, although they really should have gotten a few of the cheerleaders involved.

It also beats the Music City Miracle because all of their laterals were of the "lateral" variety (ie, not forward passes), and because as far as my household is concerned, The Music City Miracle never happened.


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