Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We've Found Our Intern...

For quite some time now, we here at SeanMcCallum.com have been toiling long and hard with the prospect of hiring an intern to help carry the load. Up until now, it's been an impossible decision. Do I risk compromising the *Quality* of the content at the reward of a little extra free time with which to drink $10 beers in the 500 level at the Rogers Centre? What if the new intern writes something offensive and gets me in a whack of legal and moral trouble? Or most importantly, what if the Dotcomrades simply don't like his/her brand of humour?

Fortunately for everyone involved, however; through an act of what can only be described as divine intervention; the perfect candidate has fallen into our laps, all but making the decision for us.

His name is Nicholas G. Christakis.

3 Bankruptcies. 6 Civil Actions. And 1 Franchise Ice Cream Cafe... That, folks, is a resume that speaks for itself.

This was a no-brainer right from the start. I mean, the guy loves rockin' and rollin'... No more need be said. And did you see that camera work? I'm telling you, you won't recognize this blog by the time Nick Christakis is through with it. We'll be nationally franchised with so many connections and the best mentors money can buy, and you throw in the W2s and the 10-99s and whatever it is, and there's simply NO STOPPING US! I mean, you heard the man, didn't you? He takes one with two and makes three!!! And those BOOKS!!! In the past PM before the AM... The guy never stops.

You heard it from the man himself: he is the Donald Trump of the Future...

Thanks to Flats for the referral.

*Quality*, in this case, is a strictly relative term.

By the way, gun to your head, who do you hire first? Christakis or Spud? I think I'm going with the perfectionist.

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Anonymous said...

Make that 7 civil actions:


(I know that link looks like spam. However, it's actually a website of his that includes a newspaper article describing his lawsuit against Trump and Burnett after not being selected for the Apprentice)