Monday, April 27, 2009

Texts From Last Night

Wow. This might be the greatest website of all-time. And let me tell you, if you go through this entire list, you may just stumble upon some of the beauties that I've sent in my day, the vast majority of which originating from the couches of various friends in foreign cities (I'm looking at YOU leather full-length in Flats' North End living room).

A few of my personal favourites include the following:

(817): My mom caught just caught me jerking her room.

(713): Hope the move went well! I'll miss you!
(832): you are a cunt and I hated living with you and your skeezy boyfriend.Just thought I'd get that out there.

(212): guess who was drunk and crawling in the middle of the road and got brought home by the police last night? HINT: ME

(908): i may or may not have been spotted by tourists while getting head in the vicinity of the jefferson memorial

(870): do you think it i'm gay because i was in a 3 way lastnight?
(1-870): well not if you dont touch the other dude and concentrate on the chic
(870): what chic?

Happy Inebriating and Merry Texting!

Thanks to Browner for the link.


Anonymous said...


(818): Just made out with a pet sitter. His biz card says "even hamsters". Lowest point in my life.

i love this site

Anonymous said...

(604): Just gargled Fireball to get the fish taco taste out of my mouth. Almost as good as gum.


Sean McCallum said...

(336): I don't make mistakes... just understandable bad choices.

Story of my life.