Monday, April 20, 2009

Billy Bob Thornton is a ReeeeaaaaL DICK

Seriously, what did my good friend Jian Ghomeshi ever do to anybody aside from falsely proclaiming that he was once the king of Spain?

I really didn't think that BBT would ever be able to sink lower than his whole AJ-blood-vial fiasco, but I think this definitely gives that little phase a run for it's money. These are 13 of the most painful minutes you're ever likely to come across; think of the Letterman-Phoenix episode, minus the humour.

But as is the case in most instances, bad chemistry makes for fantastic unintentional comedy. Cudos to Jian for keeping it real, and for submitting my second favourite moment in Q's short but glorious history, coming a close second to the time he had the following exchange with Barbara Walters (10:30 mark):

Babs: "Where are you from, Iran?"
Jian: "Yeah...Well... I'm from Thornhill, actually..."

Thanks to Micah for the clip


J.R. said...

To his credit, Billy Bob is a master of irony. What better way to show yourself to be a spoiled Hollywood asshole than to demand that no one mention you're a spoiled Hollywood asshole?

Anonymous said...

OMG....what a loser! BB is just a little baby who thinks he is the king of the world. I feel sorry for the band and the facet that they have to deal with such an a-hole. After watching that I will not be supporting BB in any way shape or form.


Anonymous said...