Friday, August 15, 2008

Obscenity-Laden Tirade by a Hall of Fame Manager Showdown



I honestly didn't think that Tommy Lasorda's "Duke, did you hear that? I just farted... Yeah, that's what it smells like: Slimfast!" routine could ever be topped. But I'm pretty sure the unearthing of Earl Weaver's spot on Manager's Corner may have done just that. The champ has officially been de-throned.

I mean, how can anyone expect to compete with: "Alice Sweet oughta be worried about where the fuck her next lay is comin' from rather than where her next God damn tomato plant is comin' from! If she'd get her ass out to the fuckin bars at night and go hustlin' around the God damn streets, she might get a prick stuck in her once in awhile!"

With all due respect to the great Sparky Anderson, the former Tigers bench boss is a distant third in this race.

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