Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Livin' Large

If you like great writing, basketball, and cringe-worthy tales of Freshman awkwardness, check out the Livin' Large segment on Basketbawful. It is the story of Matt McHale's foray into the world of sharing a dormroom with a college basketball player... And it is absolutely brilliant:

Livin' Large: Part 1

Part 2 (Phenomenal)

And for the entire Livin' Large archives (through Part 9 and counting), click HERE

Here's a sample from Part 1:

When we got to the room, it was unlocked, which I found strange. (Upon check in, I was informed that Safety Rule #1 was "Always lock your door, even when you're in the room.") I walked in and immediately turned to my mom, told her to wait, and closed the door. I wasn't prepared for what I was seeing, so I was pretty sure she wasn't ready for it either.

There was a man laying in one of the two beds. Actually, he was more man-monster than man. He was a giant. And, within the confines of this tiny little room, he seemed beyond enormous. The best way to put it is he was Shaq-size: 7'1", almost 300 pounds. I think sometimes, as an NBA fan, it becomes all too easy to take for granted the sheer bulk of a muscled seven-footer...but not when they're right in front of you, and certainly not when you're trapped in a room the size of a large closet with them. To make matters even stranger, he had a shaved head (something that I had never seen in my hometown) and he was wearing nothing but a pair of bikini-brief underwear.

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