Thursday, July 16, 2009

Down The Shore Everything's Alright...




To me, nothing says "Summer" quite like a day at the beach. And having spent a considerable amount of time down the Jersey Shore, there are few places for me that evoke what it means to feel young, alive, wild and free.

And don't get me wrong: I love the state of New Jersey. Bruce Springsteen; Asbury Park; Frank Sinatra; Long Beach Island; Puddy... What's not to like?

But with that being said...really... Nothing could have ever prepared me for these clips. I think the kid at the end of the "Guido Beach" segment put it best when he said: "That's liquid GOLD!"

From Ms. "It's Different" and the shirtless pubescent-'stache-dude's "serious relationship", clear through to Jen from "Jew-ville" who loves the shore for its juice-heads, these clips just don't quit.

I'm telling you, this entire collection of clips is like a video documentation of my last trip to the Jersey Shore with my buddies Dunner and Ronnie... Except, you know... if it were the exact opposite.

(By the way, if you had to guess what year that first clip is from, what would you say? 1982? 1972?... The fact that the footage is from 1992 makes me want to challenge that crazy payphone girl to a fight)

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