Saturday, September 20, 2008

Human Jenga

I have a buddy that used to pass out like this, and I have to say, it provided countless hours of borderline abusive entertainment. Not that I was ever one to actively join in on the markering, moving, or rearranging whilst he slumbered, but let's just say that the possibilities with an intoxicatedly unconscious partygoer are virtually limitless.

But never did any of our antics take place on such a public stage. I'm telling you, this guy at Shea was a D-level celebrity by the time he woke up. Here's the rundown:

In the second game of a beer-filled doubleheader, a young man falls asleep in his box seat. Bad decision. By the time this action peaked, literally hundreds of people were watching, not only from the orange seats but also from the mezzanine and upper deck.

It is worth noting, to the masters of assmption out there, that the folks playing the prank on him were his friends, who knew he was okay. He was visibly breathing. And he cracked up for three innings straight after learning what had happened, laughed with the fans who had photographed him and even autographed people's beer bottles. He was a terrific sport who left the stadium on his own power.

Placing that second beer up there was just about the ballsiest thing I've seen this side of panty-snipping.

Speaking of Jenga, I can't believe I hadn't ever seen this video until just now. My favourite part is when the Jenga-master warns the reporter to step back from the structure... Is there any way that Bryant Varney doesn't go back to his mom's basement and drink himself to death on berry wine coolers while watching the Space Network?


Sean McCallum said...

Update: Apparently, the reporter demolishing the Jenga leaning tower of Pisa was staged. Taken from Varney's website:

"I built this tower because people everywhere were wondering what the next structure would be. I wanted to do one that was rather unique, and I had built this one at home, and it was a blast to do. Unlike the original Pisa tower which has mortar and the such this one relies only on gravity to keep the lean. It is made completely hollow just as the original one is.

It took about six days to construct because it collapsed seven times before finally perfecting the lean. It took approximately 80 sets of Jenga to build this tower.

It was demolished by stringing a wire through the bottom of it which was hidden out of view of the camera that was filming the event. When 'interviewer' Mike Roy stepped around it with his microphone cord the wire was pulled to make it collapse."

I'm crushed.

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