Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Wedding Reception Performance Showdown



So far, 2008 is looking like the year of the wedding. As it stands right now, no less than five of my very good friends are systematically ending their lives as they know them... by which I mean: no less than five of my very good friends will be riding off into the sunset of legally mandated marital bliss in this, The Year of the Rat.

So in order to get us further into the betrothing spirit, here are three supremely entertaining wedding reception performance clips for your viewing pleasure.

I like the fact that Clip #1 comes out of nowhere with a pretty ridiculously choreographed booty-shake, but I just can't get past the fact that they're bastardizing a Righteous Brothers classic in the process. Bonus points for choosing a wedding song with the lyric, "LA face with a Oakland booty!", but the whole routine is just a little too contrived for me.

Clip #2 is an indisputable classic, and oftentimes summarizes the way I feel at weddings. What can I say? Some people get emotional over the damndest things.

But I think you have to give the nod to Clip #3. I won't lie to you: this has always been kind of a dream of mine; to get up in front of a non-karaoke crowd in a quasi-pressure packed, meaningful setting, to be at least a dozen or so beverages deep, and to be able to blow everyone away with a near-note-perfect rocking version of a Springsteen classic. This version literally has it all; from the surprisingly adequate wedding band and the crowd participation, to the improvised, setting-appropriate lyrics ("her and her husband Kevin, they're still together... two hours gone by now!" - classic). This performance just goes to show that good things really can come from being locked into a setting where the single-guy-to-single-girl ratio is 19-1.

Needless to say, Blake from The Queen City is welcome at any wedding I'm participating in from here on in.

A somewhat famous man once said: "Love is a beautiful thing. It should not be shied away from, but rather, embraced, and held close to the bosom." I couldn't agree more.

Happy hitching in 2008!


Anonymous said...

#1 Billy McTryhard and his bride.
Too rehearsed... not funny because they are trying WAYYYY too hard... one thumb down, the other at half mast.

#2 AWESOME 10 gold stars

#3 The guy is half in the bag and had the beginnings of a good intro, so he gets 1/2 a point...

wedding singer wins.

Anonymous said...

Seaney, those clips are classic!! Number 3 wins hands down…….I hope maybe you can pull something like that off at my wedding!!! So start practicing!!!


Anonymous said...

In #3 I'm amazed at the different camera angles/editing that they did for the wedding. That in itself is rather impressive i think.