Friday, November 28, 2008

Ringside Announcers Have a Field Day

The guys sitting ringside for HBO are in their wheelhouse here.

- "Indeed, he kissed Vargas behind the ear... which prompted Vargas to knock the living shit out of him..."

- "With a name like Titsworth, he's lucky he didn't feel him up!"


Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week.

Of course, this little episode of foreplay is a distant second in the pantheon of homoerotic fighting moments, miles behind Mike Tyson's infamous "I'll fuck you 'till you love me!" offer, and just slightly ahead of every single MMA event ever held.

By the way, the slow motion replay of the sensual kiss on the neck followed by the subsequent haymaker that almost breaks Titsworth's jaw is like a metaphor for my entire college dating career... And by "metaphor" I mean pinpoint re-creation of actual events.

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Anonymous said...

That clip was awesome! The only thing missed by the guys at ringside was the size of the Ref. How in the hell is that guy a Ref! He needs his own stool to sit on after each round to catch his breath.