Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Making an Entrance Showdown

Indoor Motorcycle Wheelie Goes Bad - Watch more free videos



This one is almost too close to call.

On the one hand, you have the idiot on the motorcylcle trying to pop a wheelie while at an indoor fund raiser. Nothing worse than having a Yamaha get away from you while careening out of control towards a couple of middle aged women and a table full of CDs.

And then you have the cameraman arriving late at the press conference and taking a header into the door. This guy gets bonus points for having sense of humour enough to post the clip himself, descibing the incident with the following: "I fell down at a presser. The guy in front of the mics is the DA of Albany County. Long story short, I didn't get hurt, but I broke the door." Bonus points for the incessant and gratuitous replays of the spill.

But I think you have to give the nod to Kris Kringle on this one. The combination of emotionally scarred-for-life children, collateral damage, and serious bodily injury is just way too much to pass up. I'm telling you, I did not see that one coming. A cracked windshield and at least three broken ribs? Now that is an entrance. It just goes to show that the old adage is as true today as it was a thousand years ago: put a drunk guy in a Santa costume up on an icy roof in front of dozens of hopped-up children as they chant "We Want San-Ta! We Want San-Ta!", and comedy is bound to ensue.

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Anonymous said...

SURE IT TAKES ME BACK!!!!!!!Similar incident happened to Grampa broken ribs and all. while in an intoxicated state Christmas eve (Sans the Santa outfit). He fell off the ladder while retriving toys from the garage loft. Fortunately the car was not parked in the garage.