Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Venture into the Shady World of Copyright Infringement

For months and months, I've been tossing and turning at night, unable to resolve this issue I've been having of late whereby most of the best articles I come across are not available to my loyal readers (unless said readers are subscribers the The New Yorker's Online Edition - a service which costs upwards of $100 per year). Every week, it seems, as I'm assembling the finest reading I've come across, I invariably wind up smashing my face against my desk out of sheer frustration for not being able to direct the dotcomrades to what I feel they might find profoundly enlightening and entertaining.

But at long last, those days are behind us. For I have discovered a way in which we all can enjoy the fruits of the labours of those who have struggled and toiled mightily, without having to worry about the absurd notion of compensating them for their efforts. Ahhhh... The democratizing effects of the world wide web.

And sure, you might argue that what I'm doing here is bordering on copyright infringement... and by "bordering on" I very much mean "blatant"... But I guess the legal team here at will cross that particular bridge should we ever happen to come to it.

In the meantime, do you yourselves a favour and read this piece, if for no other reason than because it was good enough to force me into making it available by all means necessary, moral and legal uncertainties be damned.

It chronicles the events of David Sedaris' recent book tour, and it is absolutely brilliant. I was literally laughing aloud when I came across the scene where Sedaris is perusing the Costco aisles with his brother-in-law, pushing an oversized shopping cart containing nothing but a gigantic box of condoms. It reminded me of that old story about the candy salesman and the Trojan rep...

So enjoy this before I'm slapped with a cease and desist order:

Author, Author?
By David Sedaris

If anything should be bracketed by matching bookends, I suppose it's an author tour. The ones I'd undertaken in the past began in one independent or chain store, and ended, a month or so later, in another. The landscape, though, has changed since then, and it's telling that on this latest tour I started and finished at a Costco...

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