Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Diversion

It is Canadian Music Week in Toronto, and there are a lot of hungover people out there today. I am included in that mix. Here´s a little something to get you through to 5 o´clock. Quick and dirty:

Brewed Awakening
By Elizabeth Bromstein

A Coles Notes look at Ayahuasca from last week´s NOW Magazine.

Wiggle Room
By David Foster Wallace

Big run on David Foster Wallace here. This is an excerpt from the novel that Wallace was never able to finish. Brilliant stuff. Not for those who are big fans of the ¨paragraph¨.

Terrell Owens on Buffalo: ¨Ummmmmmm¨
By Will Brinson

Apparently the guys at NFL FanHouse have the same read on this thing as I do. But hey, anything is better than 7-9 right?... RIGHT???

Now go check out some music in the city this weekend. You´ll need THIS to know what´s going down and where. highly recommends Blacky Jackett Jr. at the Tattoo Rock Parlour tonight at 8:30. Solid old school Alt-Country vibe, if that´s your thing.

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