Sunday, September 13, 2009

The NFL Returns to a TV Near You

Gus Johnson officially welcomed back the NFL this afternoon with this pretty standard call on a rather ho-hum play in the Broncos-Bengals game.

One of my favourite parts of the NFL season; aside from watching 12 hours of football every Sunday while sitting on my couch hungover and in nothing but my underwear; is the trash talking text messages that invariably wind up going back and forth betwixt my various die-hard friends. My favourite today came from my buddy Browner (a Colts fan... and you think you know a guy...), who at 12:22 sent me the following text:

Enjoy the last 42 minuts that the Bills are in a playoff spot.

Ouch. That one stung a little.

Thanks to Flats for the link.

Bonus Coverage:

A particularly classy Bills fan gives you his pick for the Monday Nighter...

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Anonymous said...

I hate Bills fans more then the Bills